There are many great years in the history of American Films. 1939 is usually cited as the greatest year for American Cinema, and with Gone with the Wind, The Wizard of Oz, Mr. Smith Goes to Washington and a dozen others, it would be hard to disagree. 1939 Movie Scroll1975 and 1982 are also know as vintage years. For some reason though, 1984 stands out as special to me. Maybe it was the diversity of films, maybe the consistent quality or maybe it was just where I was in my life at the time. Whatever it is, I have chosen to celebrate the 30th anniversary of those films with this year long salute. I will put up a brief post on each film on the date that it was released in the U.S. The post will include a mini-review as well as my recollection of the personal experience. This project is modeled closely on the format I used for the Movie a Day Project on my main blog.

Posts will begin to appear in January of 2014, watch this spot for the rundown and comments.

What Year is your Favorite for Movies?