Broadway Danny Rose: January 22, 1984

Starting off my list of films from 1984 is this Woody Allen comedy that has a lot of resonance for me because of some personal history. I never lived in New York, and I only know the Catskills from movies and TV shows over the years, but the theatrical world of variety acts and agents is something I do have familiarity with. The opening of tbroadway_danny_rosehis movie, with a set of comics eating at the Carnegie Deli and telling stories to each other rings incredibly true. I spent plenty of time waiting on my Dad as he traded anecdotes with other performers in a bar, restaurant,  or magic shop. They all enjoy a funny story and they all want to one up the last story. They get caught up in the tales and pay little attention to anyone else while they are engaged. This set up rings true and although the story is a little over the top, it sounds exactly like something that could happen to show biz types without much embellishment. The ethnic stereotypes and New York setting aside, this could easily be a story my father could have told or heard someone else tell. Continue reading