Nineteen Eighty-Four (1984)

We have finally arrived my friends at the final “official” film for this project. I saw nearly eighty films in 1984 that I have posted on so far. There are several more films from that year which I saw in the next year or subsequently on home video, and those will be added as the opportunity arises. This however, completes my planned list for the project. The film version of George Orwell’s dystopian nightmare arrived late in the year and I deliberately put it off to the end to serve as a capstone to my favorite movie year. There is a rarely seen version from 1956 that starred Edmond O’Brien, but the Michael Radford directed version is definitive, at least up to this point.


My experience with the film came in a screening in Westwood California on a bleak day in December. In an exclusive location in order to qualify for awards season. I trekked over to that side of town on my own because I was a fan of the book and the music for the film was to be supplied by a contemporary act that I was quite enamored of. It turns out that the music was one of the most controversial elements of the film, but more on that later.

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